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About us

A&f Architettura e Futuro originates from the union of our designer labels – Roberto Bellotti e Micaela Ceriani – and from the nexus of our views.

From this match point we based the idea of a workshop where the architectural design is thought in the broadest sense of the term.

Focus and the driving of our work is just the way of doing that, that is with joy and planning freedom, refusing in advance a recognizable trade mark and the standardization of our works. We prefer the nature of plan, the expectations of our commissioners and the features regarding sustainability and eco-compatibility.

Survey of our business is applied in the plan, inserted in contemporary contexts as usual, with an emphasized preference for constructive and technological solutions, truly well-advanced.

Every plan for us represents a new challenge, and, as we know, arise from our long-time experience. The same way the final outcome is always a kind of difference from the previous works.

Our business is very wide-ranging in the planning of human habitats, wathever deals with places for stay, work, enjoy or simply live into surroundings. A department of the studio deals with Product Design.

Our enterprise also pays great attention to redesign and renovation of single building or big housing estate, both residential and commercial or industrial.

Interiors are always well-refined. We pay special attention to lighting plan of buildings and interiors, since for us light is very important in the final issue of project considered on the whole.

Most of our projects about residential and commercial buildings, show-rooms and shops were published on books and specialized magazines

Roberto Bellotti 
Architect and Designer

Managing Partner

Project Leader - Architecture - Space Planning

Managing Partner 
Project Leader - Architecture - Interior Design
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