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Roberto Bellotti

Managing Partner

Roberto Paolo Bellotti, architect and designer, formed in Italy between 1979 and 1985. He attented the  Politecnico of Milan where he focused on architectural studies and then the European Institute of Design in Milan in interior design faculty.

He is operanting into architecture and industrial design for over thirty years.

In 1981 he established an Architecture Firm,  the C.B.C.R., with architect Corrado Catani , working on  numerous projects and realizations of residential, retail and industrial architectures.

In 1997-1998 he was a  professor in Architecture  at the I.S.A.D. (Higher Institute of Architecture and Design) in Milan.

In 2005 he founded with architect Ceriani A & F Architettura e futuro firm, with which still operates as a Project Leader and Project Manager.

He focused in finding new housing typologies, achieving a project named

''oval house '' published in the cover of the magazine ARCA - n ° 50.

Currently he handles projects of privates housing, property development, rehabilitation of disposed industrial areas, car dealership and hotels in Italy and abroad.

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